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Monday, July 15, 2013

For all you wonderful, engaged couples out there...

This is a real-life story for all you wonderful, engaged couples out there, or if you know of someone who is getting married soon.

Just wanted to let you know what happened this weekend while we traveled home from Oregon.  We stopped at a park to take photos of the Tillamook Lighthouse.  There was a wedding going on.  It was a beautiful location overlooking the Oregon coast, and about 80 degrees out.  They stood on the bluff, out in the open, surrounded by their friends and loved ones standing in the open sun.  We're not sure how long the ceremony had gone on, but it lasted about 15 minutes after we arrived at the park.

When the ceremony ended, people had a short hike down a trail to the covered area that was the reception location.  Two women in front of us, one elderly said she was unable to make it down the hill and headed for the parking lot.  They were all very hot.  The bride and groom stayed up top with the wedding party to take their formal shots.

We hiked down past the area and went and took photos of the lighthouse and birds.  When we came back up, the bridal party was coming down the hill laughing and running.  OK, I admit it...when Eric mentioned "where was the photographer?" to me, I shouted it out to the wedding party.  It would have been a great shot.  They pointed back up the hill, where he was still taking formals of the wedding couple.  They said they were hungry and tired of standing up there taking photos in the sun.  I told them it was a great shot of them coming down the pathway.  They saw our cameras and told us to take one.  We had long lenses on and weren't set up for it, (and it wasn't our shoot) but one of them had a nice we used theirs.

We sent them a few feet back up the hill and staggered them so we could see them all and asked them walk back down the path.  They laughed, threw up the bouquets, jumped in the air, and had a great time coming down the hill for us.  They shook our hands as they went by, and thanked us.

It is a common complaint when formals are taken between the wedding and the reception, that people are waiting around for the bride and groom, when everyone is ready to party, and not take more formals.  First look photos are a great way for a private viewing between a bride and groom before the wedding so you can take the formals in a more relaxed way before the wedding.  This is also a good case for why we, at Brighter Images Photography, have two or more people at your wedding photographing important moments.

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Have a great and safe summer!